Express and RV shelf Installation Instructions

  Express and RV shelf Installation Instructions
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To install your new RollingShelf, just follow these few simple steps:

1) Lay out the parts: (A) the shelf itself (B) the loose pair of guides (C) Screw Bag

2) Place the loose guides onto the shelf mounted guides. Make sure the rollers are facing in and toward the front of the shelf. (The welded metal "L" brackets should face down toward the mounting surface).

3) Place the shelf (with the guides attached) into your cabinet space.

4) Close your cabinet door, making sure you have the proper clearance for the Rolling Shelf.

5) Once your are sure that the shelf will fit properly; roll out the shelf until you can see the rear welded "L" brackets. Make a mark through the rear hole of the "L" bracket onto the mounting surface. This mark is where you will place one of the included screws to hold the guide. Make sure your Rolling Shelf, is placed straight into your cabinet before making these marks.

6) Remove the loose guides from the shelf and install them. Use one of the included screws and loosley fasten the rear welded "L" brackets into the marks you just made.

7) After making sure the guides are parallel to each other, use another screw to fasten the front welded "L" brackets to the mounting surface.

8) Reinstall the shelf onto the guides. Once you have a smooth fit; install and tighten the remaining screws to secure.

These RollingShelves, are designed to fit on EXISTING Full cabinet shelves or FIXED BASES Only. Optional mounting hardware is available.

Please call us with ANY questions. We are more than happy to assist you!