OUR NEWEST CREATION! The new STACKER, combines what many customers have been asking for: DOUBLE the space and the EASIEST installation possible!!

THE PREMIUM STACKER  <SP>What a GREAT IDEA!!  <font color ="#cc0033">                                        </FONT>
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Product Description

THE PREMIUM STACKER  <SP>What a GREAT IDEA!!  <font color ="#cc0033">                                        </FONT>
The Stacker, by RollingShelves combines two of our FINEST sliding shelves in one package. Installation is a SNAP! Just slide the STACKER into your cabinet space, fasten the bottom with the included screws and ENJOY! It doesn't get any simpler than this! You can easily move the Stacker, from cabinet to cabinet as it is self contained. Both roll-outs use our European Dovetail corners for superior durability and beauty. On the fronts of the roll-outs we use 3/4" Birch, for added strength. Available in both hand sanded unfinished or with the roll-out units PRE-Finished with a Satin Lacquer.

Note: Measuring for the STACKER, is different than our other products. Please use these instructions ONLY for the STACKER.

1) HEIGHT: Minimum height clearance is 17". Make sure you have at least 17" of clearance from the floor of your cabinet to any obstacles above. The usable clearance between the two shelves is approximately 8.75".

2) WIDTH: Because of the framework of the STACKER, you will need to make sure there is enough width clearance. Order the size that will clear all obstacles including; hinges, faceframe and cabinet doors.

3) DEPTH: Verify that there is enough depth to fit the STACKER in your cabinet cavity. Look for any pipes, electrical wires, etc, that might not allow you to easily place the Shelving unit in place. Order the Depth that will most easily fit into your cabinet. In addition, make sure your cabinet door will be able to close with the STACKER in place.

4) PLACE ORDER: Remember the dimensions of the STACKER are for the OUTside of it's framework. In other words; if you order a 22" wide X 22 1/2" deep STACKER, your Smallest width opening must at least be 22" and you must have at least 22 1/2" of clearance for the Depth. Sorry there are no exchanges or returns on the Stacker product. Please measure carefully.